Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a number of fundamental phases that teams must follow in order to produce and deliver high-quality software. A software development process is a making and development process of a software program and it is popularly known as software development lifecycle process. It is also called software process, and shortly as SDLC.

SDLC has several models and each of them is used for different types of tasks for different levels of activities which get incorporated in between the development process. However, there are several instances where the life cycle models are accounted as a generic term and specifically the term software development process is applied as more specific term in aspect of new implementation, renovation, and modification of existing modules related to business or for some other purpose.

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In short SDLC describes different phases of software cycle and the orders in which these developmental phases are executes either in individual way or by some series of developmental ways. Although there are countless options for SDLCs these models vary from one to another but despite their discrepancies, the models maintain a great implicit similarity in between.

A general model is described by the phases it involves in its development process. The requirements are converted in different modules of designs. Different types of codes are produced at the time of implementation while it is being driven by design. Proper and methodical testing process decides the appropriateness of the designs in accordance to the proposed structure of the system and the deliverability of the designs also are judges in this developmental phase.

In SDLC designing holds a significant role; and the design is implemented from the root level of basic requirements of the development process. The focus of the developers remain high on this phase because designing phase is the foundation work of the whole developmental plan on which the whole structure of development is introduced in step-by-step format. The end product of this SDLC foundation process is communication, UML, architecture, and relevant development of hardware and software etc.

Software typically goes through the following phases:

  1. Requirements Gathering: The team identifies, collects, and defines core issues, requirements, requests, and customer expectations related to the software application or service during this stage of the project. Generating software specifications, creating a thorough strategy, documentation, issue tracking, and project or product planning, including allocating the resources, are some tasks done during this phase.
  2. Software Design: The team makes software design decisions regarding the architecture and make of the software solution throughout this design phase of development.
  3. Software Development/Implementation: Teams develop software solutions based on the design decisions made during earlier stages of the project
  4. Testing and Integration: Software is packaged and tested to ensure quality. Quality assurance, often known as testing, ensures that the solutions deployed fulfil the specified quality and performance criteria.
  5. Deployment: The software is installed in a production setting. The gathered, designed, built, and tested work is shared with the software service’s customers and users.
  6. Operation and Maintenance: The software is installed in a production setting. The work is shared with the software service’s customers and users.
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