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While many guides and tutorials on the internet attempt to teach HTML using a lot of mind-boggling theories or languages that isn’t easy to understand, this tutorial will instead focus on giving you the practical skills and knowledge to enable you kick start your career in web development with much easy and simple language to understand as I will be focusing on beginners’ level perspective.

By the end of this tutorial series, you will have mastered the fundamental concepts of HTML and have the knowledge of creating a basic website with much ease and I hope that this will inspire you to delve further into the world of Web Development and programming using this guide.

Why learn HTML?
  1. Learning HTML is a necessity for web developers and a good skill for all other professionals to have. Web developers are in high demand, and HTML is a great skill to have in your tool belt if you decide to look for a new job in the future.
  2. Learning HTML can provide tremendous value to people working in tech, as well as to those who are running their own business or managing a website or even marketers.
  3. HTML can help you build your own unique website as you’ll no longer have to wait for your IT team or hire a web designer for the same.
  4. Last but not least, knowing HTML helps you collaborate more effectively with technical teams. For example, being familiar with HTML helps ensure that you and your technical teammates are on the same page when working on a certain web project
Who is this tutorial for?

This tutorial is for absolute beginner, someone who has no any prior knowledge of web design and development or any prior knowledge of programming. As much as web designer don’t necessarily need to have coding knowledge web developers have, they should at the very least have a basic understanding of HTML and web coding that will allow designers to create plans that uphold functionality and avoid aesthetic choices that would cause significant coding challenges.

Contents to be covered

That said, what are we going to cover in this tutorial series of learning HTML? To answer that, In first lesson you will be understanding prerequisites for learning HTML and tools you require make you achieve the purpose.

In second lesson, will be showing you how to prepare and setup VS Code for learning HTML, one of my favourite code editor and what most other developers do use. It is by Microsoft. It is a free tool, and it’s pretty awesome.

In third lesson, will be introducing you to HTML to enable you get started with it and will cover some topics such as what is html and world wide web, understanding whether html is a programming language or not, look at html elements, html attributes, whether to use single or double quotes, structure of an html document, white spaces in html, how to include special characters in html and last but not least, how to use html comments.

In forth lesson, will be looking at HTML head element and how to include metadata in HTML document. Topics we will cover here include how to add title in html document, specifying your HTML document metadata, adding custom icons to your html web page, adding CSS to HTML document and lastly setting the primary language of your html document.

In lesson five, you will appreciate learning about HTML text fundamentals and cover basic topics such as headings and paragraphs, implementing structural hierarchy in HTML document, why do we need structure and semantics? HTML Lists (ordered, unordered, nesting lists), description lists and also learn how to emphasize some texts in HTM document, quotation, abbreviation and how to format contact details using address element

In lesson six, will introduce you to HTML hyperlinks and look at some topics such as what is hyperlink? how to add extra information to links, understanding URLs and file paths, documents fragments, absolute versus relative URLs, email links and finish lesson by looking at links best practises.

In lesson seven, will learn how to structure HTML document using semantic tags, basic sections of a HTML document, HTML elements for structuring content (Semantic markup vs non semantic), line breaks and horizontal rules and also look at planning a simple HTML website.

In lesson eight, you will gain an understanding on the tips of how to debug and validate html code

In lesson nine, we will be learning how embed images in html document and annotating them with figures and captions and also look at css background images.

In lesson ten, we will look at how to embed video and audio content into a webpage using video and audio elements.

In lesson eleven, we will look at other embedding technologies such as <iframe>, <embed> and <object> elements

In lesson twelve, will be learning about html responsive images and how to create them and also understand importance of having responsive images in a webpage.

In lesson thirteen, will introduce you to HTML table basics (what is a table? how does a table work?), when should you NOT use HTML tables, how to create your first html table and look at other elements associated with HTML tables. We will also look at nesting html tables

In lesson fourteen, we will be looking at HTML form, its attributes and elements and input types.

Last but not least, we will end this series of HTML Course for Absolute Beginners by creating a simple HTML website using the knowledge acquired from the entire course. The crash course will touch on all of the above topics have highlighted and if you follow me to the end, you would have mastered most basic fundamentals of HTML and will be ready to create your own first website.

Before the beginning of each video, will be sharing with you objectives of the lesson that I expect you to have mastered once the video is complete. Will also be sharing links to important resources and other related videos in each and every video description and also highlight various chapters of each video so that you may jump to the exact section of the video that interests you.

Good people, my name is Annuar Mulombi from Mulan Technologies and I will be taking you through this complete course of learning HTML for absolute beginners. If you have not subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button. Hit that notification bell icon to get notified whenever I upload a video in this series, in the coming days. Leave your comment below in the comment sections and if you find this is the kind of content you have been looking for, share this video to help your friends know about it.

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